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Registration is now open! Register by January 31, 2015 to avoid late fees and wait lists! 
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Canton Youth Lacrosse - ONE WEEK LEFT!
There is ONE WEEK left to register for Canton Youth...
Register Now!
Although the 2015 spring lacrosse season seems like a long way off,...
2014 Survey Results
Thank you to those of you that participated in our 2014 survey. As...
Canton Youth Lacrosse - ONE WEEK LEFT!

There is ONE WEEK left to register for Canton Youth Lacrosse! 

The deadline to register without steep late fees is January 31, 2015. Please help us by signing up before this date on our website  www.cantonlax.org.


Canton Youth Lacrosse board


by posted 01/18/2015
Register Now!

Although the 2015 spring lacrosse season seems like a long way off, our preparation for the season is in full swing and our registration system is open.  Please take the time to read the following as based on your survey from last year we have made some changes to our registration process.  It continues to be our main goal to promote the great sport of lacrosse to anyone in Canton who wants to learn and have fun on the way. 

As you might imagine, our Board members spend a tremendous amount of time and effort scheduling games/tournaments, identifying coaches, designing and ordering uniforms and coordinating field and equipment needs.  All of this needs to be established well in advance of your child(ren) walking onto the field for the first time in late March/early April. This work is already underway, so it is critical that we understand our player counts by division by January 31, 2015. This is an important date as we are required to report the numbers of teams we are going to have for scheduling purposes to the respective leagues by early February.  A major piece of feedback from last year was certain teams were too large and there was a lack of playing time.  Timely registration should avoid this problem and allow us to plan accordingly, so we ask for your cooperation in that regard. 

With that in mind, we have modified the registration process to ensure that we have ample time to effectively deliver upon the items referenced above. Please note the following regarding the spring 2015 Registration process for boys and girls.

The registration system is currently open and those that register and pay by January 31, 2015 will be guaranteed a spot on a team.  This applies to anyone in 3
rd grade or higher and there are no tryouts - we take all levels of players.  For our developmental players (K-2), registration will remain open after the January 31st deadline with no late fee.  

  • Players who register after January 31st will be assessed a $50 late fee and will be placed on a waitlist. When your child is placed on a waitlist, you will be notified during the registration process. Late registration may negatively impact your son or daughter’s ability to be placed on a team in the Junior (5th-6th) and Senior divisions (7th – 8th). Please note that a full refund will be provided if we're unable to place your child on a team. 
  • We are always looking for more help with either coaching (head coach or assistants) and/or team parents.  Our philosophy is to have as many parents involved in practices in games as practice.  CYL believes the more parental involvement the better and no experience is required.  If you truly want to be involved in helping not only your child but others, please note that during the registration purpose and trust me when I say the more the merrier. 

Email reminders related to the registration deadline will be sent but we ask that you register as soon as possible.

CYL is excited to announce we will be purchasing NEW uniforms for the girls program this year.  This will be done for all ages and give our girls a new exciting look on the field.  

Apparel! We are working with Satorius Sports this year on our online store.  Our goal is not to make a lot of money on this venture, but have the kids wear fun Canton Youth Lacrosse apparel around town.  There will be set open periods to help us improve the delivery of the merchandise.  For those of you that want to give the gift of Canton Lacrosse for the holidays, please visit this link https://sartorius.tuosystems.com/stores/cantonlax - Happy Shopping! 

We sincerely appreciate your continued commitment to Canton Youth Lacrosse. We wish you and your family the very best during this Holiday Season and look forward to seeing you in the spring. 


Andrew Charron 


Canton Youth Lacrosse

by posted 11/29/2014
2014 Survey Results

Thank you to those of you that participated in our 2014 survey. As a result, Canton Youth Lacrosse has developed a Frequently Asked Questions document to help answer any questions that arose regarding the organization and our mission. 




by posted 11/19/2014
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